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 Regular Meetings

Monthly Regular Meeting - 3rd Saturday of each month @ 9 A.M. - Noon in the Fellowship Hall

Quarterly Brotherhood Breakfast - March, June, September & December - 3rd Saturday (Catered Event)

General Fellowship, Growth, Action, Walking and Health Chair Functions - TBA 


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Brotherhood Mission


The mission of the brotherhood ministries at Antioch Baptist Church is to equip men to be servant-leaders in their families, church and world (both workplace and community), and to create an environment where vital relationships (with God and man) can be nurtured.

Our goal is that each man grows in his knowledge of God and become a better steward of the life and blessing which he's been entrusted, and that the men of the church take appropriate leadership in carrying out the mandate and mission of the church.

Antioch's Brotherhood Ministries is a growing department committed to helping men grow in leadership, service and Christ-like character.


Brotherhood Sponsored Programs:

Antioch Baptist Church's Brotherhood Ministry has a variety of programs that they sponsor throughout the year. Continue to visit this page for updates on their sponsored commitments to the community and the church.

Bass Fishing Fellowship